Supply Chain

Who are we?

EVNow is a green-mobility logistics platform enabled with SMART technology and an innovative business model for faster and more-efficient last mile delivery. It is uniquely driven by 100% EV, Driver-cum-Delivery Partners, and automated IoT technologies for route planning & optimisation and real-time telematics.

Our aim

Our aim is to create a value chain that encourages the use of electric vehicles for business logistics, provides long-term employment for the nation's youth, and creates a smart and scalable business model for faster adaptation of EVs in the last-mile logistics eco-system.

What makes us different?

Entrepreneurial Opportunity to employable youth with the support of Govt. schemes and get them deployed for our existing order-fulfillment contracts with Tier-1 E-commerce players in India.

  • First Two 100% EV Hubs for Flipkart – Grocery in Kolkata and Mumbai.
  • Successfully delivering around thirty thousand deliveries per month from two hubs.
  • Route Planning & Optimization - Automation.
  • Real-time tracking for Delivery SLAs / Metrics.
  • Use of emerging technology like IoT-enabled charging, fast charging Evs, battery–swap
  • Faster and scalable deployment of technology at pan India level.
Our Reach
  • Today, we exist in West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Delhi NCR and continue to grow in other states of India.
  • We are currently expanding for hub operations, last mile, mid mile services and B2B/B2C partnerships.
  • We continue to collaborate with new partners as solution innovators with the use of emerging technologies for last-mile logistics.
Training of delivery partner
Logistics solutions across warehouse/hub operations
IoT technology-enabled mobility solutions
EV fleet management with last-mile & mid-mile mobility
Vehicle + Manpower
Driver + Delivery model (DCD Model)
Annual Permanent Contract – Per Month Basis
Vehicle + Manpower
Driver + Delivery model (DCD Model)
Per Order Billing
Delivery Solutions

** Parking, Charging & Vehicle maintenance provided by EVnow

EVNow- Pan-India Growth Plan

Fleet Expansion with Options 2W & 3W EVs along with regional span-of-control of operations at state and city levels.


Smart technology adaptation & collaborations of Fast-charging and Battery-swap models


Expansions in the following segments:

  • Hub Operations
  • Last Mile, Mid-Mile
  • Both B2B & B2C Operations

Operating Hubs:

  • Dum Dum, South Kolkata
  • Airoli, Mumbai (SMART HUB)
  • Kalyan
Delivery Solutions
Our Clients
Case Studies
1. Launching India’s first 100% EV powered hub for Flipkart
  • For the first time, Electric Vehicles have been prioritized over diesel vehicles.
  • This is a firm step taken by Flipkart, EVNow and Govt. of West Bengal toward a cleaner, greener logistics infrastructure.
  • Equipped with parking and charging infrastructure for 35+ E Vehicles.
2. Last Mile: Entrepreneurship Opportunity
  • 15 day long training program in Kolkata.
  • The session covered-
    • Soft skills and communication skills (grooming, presentability etc.)
    • E-commerce and job based training
    • Vehicle training and live demonstration
    • Loan repayment and financial management
    • 5 days on Job Training

Join us in our pursuit of helping the nation reach its full potential.

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